Monday, February 27, 2012

Maths: 2 Times Table

This week we are focusing on learning the 2 Times Table.

There is no real secret or fresh approach to learning times tables, it remains that much of it is embedded through repeated exposure to the number patterns and practice in using them!
So yes, reciting tables as a class and then to each other remains an important part of learning times tables.

A great introduction to the concept of multiplication:

Some tips:
- Buy a times tables poster and stick it to the back of your toilet door!
- Free printable online poster here.
- Ask your child to recite times tables while doing a repetitive activity such as brushing their hair or driving in the car.
- Make a chart and time them, congratulate them on their improving fluency and success. is an awesome resource and includes online games, tips for teachers and tests for students!

A good online 'test' can be practised here.

A whole range of online times table games are available here, where you can select which times table you would like to practice.

Now, let's get on and practice!