Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maths Game: Battleships!

Today in maths we have been looking at grids, maps and coordinates.
The aim of the lesson is students correctly plot coordinates on the coordinate plane.

We will play the game battleships!

Instructions for the game (on grid paper) can be found here.

You can download grid paper for printing here.

You need:
- 1 x Aircraft Carrier - 5 boxes long
- 1 x Battleship - 4 boxes long
- 1 x Submarine - 3 boxes long
- 1 x Destroyer - 3 boxes long
- 1 x PT Boat - 2 boxes long

When one of our ships is hit we say "Affirmative!"
When we get out we say "Give up the ship that has been sunk!"

This grid can be used to demonstrate the game on the IWB.

Here is a sheet you can print out to play the game at home or in class!